June 16, 2021

Travitude is the best software for travel agencies

Do you work in tourism and would you like your business to be as efficient as possible? Then of course it is worth calling those from Travitude who have an interesting offer: an XML-like booking engine. What does it mean? Like any travel agency, it can work more efficiently and properly focus on the most important tasks. Travitude aims to simplify as much as possible. So it’s worth using it now.

Memento Group, deţinătorul Christian Tour, va opera în România brandul TUI  Travel Center

It is now much easier for tour operators to get maximum performance without making any effort and without assigning who knows what budget for it. Therefore, Travitude is a great place to start.

How does it all start? Four simple steps are put into practice, starting with the basic settings, which are not complicated at all and only take a few hours. The desired tourism service providers are then selected and configured, i.e. those offering different services. The desired payment methods are also chosen to give customers complete freedom to pay for the trip. The last step is optional, but recommended for anyone who appreciates branding and wants to create a good image for their agency.

In other words, everything is simple, clear and easy to implement and Travitude really has a great opportunity to make the activities of development oriented tour operators much easier. You can combine the different services offered by suppliers to prepare attractive packages for your customers, or you can configure some from scratch. Some clients prefer to take care of all the details themselves, choosing the hotel, means of transport or other services. It is important that everything can be booked directly through the same search engine, so that it is no longer necessary to access the pages of independent providers. The efficiency is maximum and anyone who uses Travitude has only one thing to gain.

It takes four simple steps to implement starting with the initial setup, which isn’t complicated at all and only takes a few hours. Nobody has to be a technical ace to do that. Subsequently, the suppliers are selected on the basis of their professionalism, but also on the basis of the desired payment methods, so that each customer can freely orient himself towards the solution with which he feels best. Last but not least, the desired changes are made in terms of design and branding remains to be done. It’s very simple: choose Travitude and get the most out of your travel agency.